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1) Name: Bettina
2) Nickname: Betzi
3) Birthday: 17th of June 1987
4) Blood Type: O
5) Astrological Sign: Gemini
6) Chinese Zodiac: The rabbit
7) Ethnicity: white?
8) Height: 164 cm
9) Hair: dark blond
10) Eyes: grey-green
11) Birthplace: Thringia, Germany
12) Current Residence: Thuringia, Germany
13) Education: High school
14) Occupation: office worker
15) Pets: 2 guinea pigs

16) Colors: purple, pink, black, white
17) Food: pasta, rice, pizza, 'Thüringer Bratwurst' XD, sushi, okonomiyaki
18) Drink: tea, cappucino
19) Soda: ??
20) Candy: waaayyy too many
21) Ice Cream: vanilla
22) Sport: don't do sports
23) Animal: eagles, guinea pigs, panda and many more
24) Store: ...
25) Book: way too many
26) Author(s): many ^^
27) Jewelry: earings, rings, necklace, piercings on random places ^^
28) Season: winter
29) Number: 17
30) Car: nope

31) Male Vocalist: GACKT (and all 5 of arashi^^)
32) Guitarist: - Miyavi, Sugizo *___*, Miya
33) Bassist: Yukke
34) Drummer: SATO-chi
35) Song: really a lot!!!
36) Album: a lot
37) Female Vocalist: mika nakashima
38) Music Video: many from GACKT and Arashi (and some other japanese bands ^^)
39) Concerts attended: way too many to list them all.
40) Concert Venue: many
41) Radio Station: listen seldom
42) Favorite Concert: GACKT LIVE IN Munich and Bochum 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
43) Nostalgic Era: -
44) Favorite song to sing into a hairbrush: when i sing then under the shower and before my pc XD
45) Musicians You've Met: some japanese bands at autograph sessions

46) Actors: Johnny Depp, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Ninomiya Kazunari, Takuya Kimura
47) Actresses: Zhang Ziyi
48) Movies: Lord of the Rings, Moon Child, Jet Li Movies and many others!!
49) Dramas: My Girl, Maou, Kaibutsu-kun... way too many to list them all (but at least all with an Arashi member in it)
50) Everything Else: Mangas, Animes
VIDEO GAME FAVORITES (I don't play games)
51) RPG: -
52) Shooter: -
53) Fighter: -
54) Villain: -
55) Hero: -

56) How long have you known your best friend?: 12 years
57) Are there any good vacation spots where you live?: uhmm... not really
58) If you could have three wishes, what would they be?: 1. all my friend's and family's wishes shoud come true, 2. money as much i like, 3. don't know yet
59) You're stranded on a deserted island for two months. If things like food and water were guaranteed, what three other things would you want?: 1. My laptop MP3 player 3. my family
60) What's the one thing you regret most in life so far?: to be born (sometimes, when i get to depressed)
61) What kind of cellphone do you have?: sony ericson
62) Do you cry easily?: Yes
63) What do you want to be when you grow up?: don't know
64) Who do you want to be trapped in an elevator with?: GACKT and Arashi ^^
65) Who is the relative you're closest to?: my best friend (a far relative) and my little sis *hugs her*

66) Do you write them?: you could say so
67) If so, how long have you been doing so?: since the end of 2007
68) Who is your OTP?: Junba, and some random from J-Rock bands
69) What is your favorite genre?: romance, smut, angst
70) Do you prefer one-shots or multi-chaps?: like both

71) Flowers: gerbera (don't know the english word XD)
72) Perfume: Platinum Egoiste
73) Shampoo: -
74) Fast Food Place: Subways
75) Sanrio Character: Hello Kitty
76) Magazine: -
77) Make-up Brand: -
78) Foreign Country: Japan, Asian in general, England
79) Manga: too many, but mostly shonen ai/yaoi and naruto, dragon ball and kenshin XD
80) Possesion(s): -

81) Eyes: doesn't matter
82) Hair: doesn't matter again
83) Occupation: -
84) Height: taller would be great ^^
85) Personality: nice, funny, he must accept that i am addicted to japanese singers
86) Style: doesn't matter
87) Requirements for happiness: he must accept my hobbies and friends
88) Could you handle a long distance relationship?: it depends on the situation in general...
89) Thoughts on on-line dating: don't do any
90) What is your perfect proposal?: don't know

91) Have you ever stolen anything?: yes
92) Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out?: Nope
93) Been in any car accidents?: Nope
94) Have you ever cheated on a lover?: Nope. Never had one XDDD
95) Tattoos: yes. one. hopefully more this year!
96) Piercings: 8 in the ears, one in the nose
97) Have you ever lied to get out of work?: Yes
98) Did you ever skip class?: Yes

99) Have you ever been in a fight?: No

100) List every artist currently on your MP3 player: GACKT, Arashi, SMAP, MUCC, Ayabie, Plastic Tree, Nightmare, Abingdon Boys School, TM.Revolution, Kannivalism, L'arc en ciel, HYDE, VAMPS, Karasu, Kagrra, Kra, SuG, Screw, The Gazette, Lynch and some other japanese bands/singer and Michael Jackson *R.I.P.*


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